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How Amit Shah gave Modi 303 seats

Bhartiya Janta Party President Amit Anil Chandra Shah has increased a meteorite in national politics.
Almost a decade ago, in mid-2010, Shah spent time in jail in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case. Four years later, Shah was the BJP’s chief and now the new Narendra Damodardas Modi may be the most important minister in the Cabinet.
Many of his party believe that Shah will be the natural heir of Modi.
Shah won Gandhinagar seat, his first Lok Sabha contest won by more than 555,000 votes. Even more, while the BJP won a second term under the leadership of Modi, the party credited Shah, Chanakya for the mastermind of victory, as he did on many occasions in the last five years.
Shah, as BJP chief, since he took over from Rajnath Singh in July 2014, has kept the party ready at all times. His aim is to rule the BJP from ‘Panchayat to Parliament’.
In the last five years, Shah has reduced the prospect of winning the election for the BJP.
The BJP chief has also endorsed the young leaders, and unlike the rival Congress, where leaders can take years before receiving any award, Shah tracked the key leaders for the chief ministers in the central or the states , Or make sure their entry. Rajya Sabha.
The important difference between Shah’s tenure and his predecessors, young leaders is that he rewarded the feat, when the people who were only orbiting or promoting time spent around the leaders in Delhi were promoted to the party.
Another feature of Shah’s tenure is to strengthen the party organization, to create party offices and libraries in hundreds of districts across the country.
Under Shah, the election machinery of the BJP is well drowned in oil, such as the Emerald of Panna, or the polling booth is being appointed by other parties, however, due to the lack of support of RSS Not that much success.
In the huge membership campaign that Shah launched in 2016, he has tried to reduce the BJP’s dependence on the RSS.
For the 2019 elections, the BJP chief deployed more than 7,000 leaders, on which BJP has contested more than 400 seats to oversee the work of the voting committees. These committees were asked to focus on the 120 seats lost by the party in 2014, but it was believed that it could win in 2019. The BJP also deployed 3,000 full-time workers.
Under Shah, the BJP has become an effective vehicle for spreading the message of Modi government’s policies, programs and plans. In order to popularize the Modi government’s plans, the ministers are often roped in to address the media, or even party workers in different parts of the country.
Beginning a strategist, Shah has now become a political leader in his own right. In the elections of 2019, he led by the front, conducted more than 161 rallies and visited 312 Lok Sabha seats, covering 158,000 kilometers.
Under the leadership of Shah, the BJP has proved to be an election-winning machine, but wherever it is difficult to win elections on its own, it wants to strike the coalition.
On this occasion, the BJP has imported key leaders of other parties, whether it be Himant Biswa Sarma from Assam or Mukul Roy from Trinamool Congress in West Bengal.
If Sarma helped the BJP win in the 2016 Assam Assembly elections, Roy’s significance proved in the Lok Sabha elections in Bengal because the BJP won its most seats in that state.
Sarma has strengthened the BJP in the rest of North Eastern States too. His colleagues say that Shah believes that the allies will continue to come until the party is reaching elections.
Year 2010 was the most dangerous for Shah. He had to go to jail and later the Supreme Court prevented him from living in Gujarat. In 2013, the then BJP chief Rajnath Singh appointed him the Secretary General of the state.
Some people had hoped to get Shah’s seat in 73 out of the 80 Lok Sabha seats of the UPA in 2014, in which his allies included two seats in the party. A few months later, Shah changed Singh as BJP chief. Shah then reached Haryana, Jharkhand and Maharashtra.


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